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Located at 4041 South Gilbert Road, Suite 2, Nekter Juice Bar Chandler is the perfect place to go for freshly made juice, smoothies, cold pressed juice cleanses, and handcrafted acai bowls. Take a seat and enjoy any of our delicious and healthy snacks while you surf the web on our free Wi-Fi. Or, if you're low on time, download our app, order ahead and skip the line (and earn rewards)! Come see why we have the top rated smoothies in Chandler!

Nekter Menu - The Plant

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Chocolate Bowl


Indulge in chocolatey bliss! Made with Unsweetened açaí blended with...

Acai Banana Berry Bowl


A dream team of berries is a staple to a nutritional diet. Unsweetened...

Peanut Butter Bowl


A healthy snack or post-workout filled with protein, the PB bowl is a...

Almond Butter Bowl


This creamy sensation is the perfect for all almond butter lovers!...

Dragon Fruit Bowl


Indulge in all the benefits this exotic fruit has to offer including...

Acai Mango Bowl


An antioxidant-packed bowl with a tropical twist! Acai, banana, mango,...

Protein Power


Packs a punch with 33g of protein! Strawberry, banana, cocoa nibs,...

Acai Superfood Bowl *updated*


Unsweetened Acai blended with pineapple, plus banana, strawberry,...


Toxin Flush™

Detox with our fan-favorite green juice loaded with all the best...


Start your day with our signature green drink and flood your body with...

Green Apple Detox

A fresh mix on a juice that is both purifying and energizing. Green...


Feel an instant buzz of energy, add cayenne pepper for a metabolizing...

Celery Aide

A refreshing and rejuvenating blend of celery, lemon, and green apple....


Beet, ginger, orange, celery, and green apple. 120 / 180 / 240 cal


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Nékter's fall classic is back, for a limited time! Enjoy our delicious...

Chocolate Peanut Butter

A creamy and indulgent Peanut Butter & Chocolate smoothie with a...

Strawberry Banana Protein

A delicious blend of sweet, juicy strawberries and potassium-rich...

Berry Banana Burst

Filled with nature's berry-sweet antioxidants: strawberry, blueberry,...

Pink Flamingo

A superfruit smoothie that protects against free radicals with active...

Popeye's Acai

A creamy mix of super foods will stimulate energy and keep you...

Orange Crush

The perfect union of sweet and tart that is packed with vitamin C! Made...

Tropical Cooler

Maximize your nutrient intake with this minimal calorie blend. A puree...

Mango Delight

Get your mango fix! Mango, pineapple, housemade cashew milk, and a...

AB Health Nut*

*We've updated our recipe! Almond butter with banana, dates, housemade...

PB Health Nut*

*We've updated our recipe! The perfect post-workout to help soothe...

Pineapple Matcha

A tropical blend of fresh pineapple, matcha green tea, housemade cashew...

Coffee Kickstart

Not your average cup of joe! Seize the day with this protein-packed,...

PB Mocha

Peanut butter, premium cold brew, housemade cashew milk, vanilla...

AB Mocha

Almond butter, premium cold brew, housemade cashew milk, vanilla...


Blue Vanilla Cookie Dough


A collision of cookie dough*, blue spirulina and our coconut cream...

Birthday Cake


A burst of cake batter flavor with our coconut cream blend, sprinkles...

Strawberry Dream


A dreamy combination of strawberry puree and our coconut cream blend....


6-Pack Power 40


Power 40 is not a cleanse, but a carefully curated system of over 40...

6-Pack Power 40 Mix & Match.


Mix & match 6 of your favorite Power 40 shots and save!

1 Day Classic Detox Cleanse


Kickstart healthier eating habits with our Classic Detox Cleanse - an...

2 Day Classic Detox Cleanse


Kickstart healthier eating habits with our Classic Detox Cleanse - an...

3 Day Classic Detox Cleanse


Kickstart healthier eating habits with our Classic Detox Cleanse - an...

4 Day Classic Detox Cleanse


*On Sale Now! Kickstart healthier eating habits with our Classic...

5 Day Classic Detox Cleanse


Kickstart healthier eating habits with our Classic Detox Cleanse - an...

6 Day Celery Detox Cleanse


Our 6-Day Celery Detox is the easiest way to detox. Simply drink one...


Liver Detox Shot...


A detoxifying blend of organic ingredients: pineapple juice, coconut...

Immunity Shot Power...


A super-charged blend to power up your immune system and fight off free...

Gut Well Power 40 (Bottled)


Shake well - this bottle is packed with Prebiotic fiber giving it the...

Vitamin D and Zinc...


Get 375% DV Vitamin D3 (3,000 IU) and 100% DV Zinc in this shot. With...

Rise and Grind Power...


An invigorating blend of Orange, Pineapple, Acerola Cherry, Lemon, and...

Rest and Reset Power...


Tart cherry, coconut water, ginger, and lemon combed with a restful...

6-Pack Power 40 (Bottled)


Power 40 is a carefully curated system of over 40 of the most vital and...

6-Pack Power 40 Mix & Match


Mix & match 6 of your favorite Power 40 shots and save!

Ginger Shot


An energizing boost of ginger & lemon. 40 cal.

Turmeric Shot


An anti-inflammatory boost of turmeric & apple. 50 cal.


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Are natural, clean and always buzzing with the most energizing and nutrient-rich ingredients

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Guests can customize orders

Based on individual diet or lifestyle preferences such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-fat, low-sugar, and more.


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